The Biblical Institute of Central America (BICA), one of three programs in Central America, is located in Jinotepe, Nicaragua and is a school designed to train “evangelists.” Some students become preachers and some do not. Both men and women make a two-year commitment to live at BICA. Most are single, but married couples join the program as well. Students put in more than twelve hours daily between the classroom, door knocking, and preparation for the next day’s lessons. They are assigned to a small church each weekend where they knock doors, work with the youth, preach on Sunday’s, etc. Students also participate in a one-week campaign each month, knocking doors and setting up home Bible studies. Each year their efforts average 1,000 restorations and baptisms.

By the time a student completes their study, he or she will have knocked on a thousand doors, conducted 300-400 home Bible studies and baptized up to fifty people. A unique aspect of BICA is that students are told in advance that this training will not result in a paid preaching position. They are taught to see themselves as Paul, the tentmaker and find a way to make a living on their own while leading in church and sharing the gospel. For this reason, the school provides vocational training as well. McDermott Road was one of the primary sponsors in getting the Nicaragua school started in 2008.