Each of us has desires and fears when it comes to aligning our hearts to God, and from His vantage point we must confront our deadliest sins and innermost doubts, our greatest accomplishments and deepest regrets. Once we enter into the realm of God, we reemerge as transformed individuals, walking intently toward His glory. This demands patience and fortitude, yet in the end we will be stronger and more faithful.

Our goal is simple: to connect, equip and transform. It’s all about doing the work of God and bringing heaven to earth.  We do that by focusing on five points or 'pillars' of our church that pinpoint our values and goals. Each of these pillars requires intentional action on the part of the individual.  Select any of the five pillars below to learn how they can enrich your spiritual walk.

Transformational Growth - Human beings are creatures of habit. We naturally become comfortable where we are and it is easy for our faith to become stagnant. The process of growing spiritually varies for each individual and a desire for transformational growth includes an effort to regularly assess our current relationship with God. 


Authentic Relationships - If we are to be brothers and sisters in Christ, our relationships must be real and cannot be surface-level. It is our desire to connect our members as a family. We strive to love, trust, challenge, support and truly care about one another within Jesus Christ. These authentic relationships do not always come easily, but with proper assessment can be attained.


Faithful Homes - When we take off our shoes and relax at the end of the day, it is in the comfort of our own homes. We cannot be an effective whole unless each individual part is well-maintained. A faithful home, whether it is a family of one or of nine, is integral to a healthy spiritual life and must embody godly characteristics. 


Sacred Worship - Biblical worship plays an important role in our growth and is most effective when we are physically and emotionally prepared to commune with God. Worship is about pursuing a relationship with Him daily through prayer, solitude, Bible reading, service and evangelism; evaluating our personal worship lives allows us to strengthen our connection with God.


Evangelistic Outreach - While we are all created in the image of God, we are not all the same. Every person has different passions, different fears, different strengths and different weaknesses. By embracing these differences, each individual can most positively reach out to the world. For effective evangelistic outreach, it is important to accurately define these strengths and weaknesses.