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Lord of the Feasts: How Jesus Embodies Israel's Holy Days

One the major themes in the gospel of John is the feasts and holy days of Israel. The things Jesus says and does during these celebrations help us to get a clearer picture of who he is and how he is the ultimate fulfillment and embodiment of these sacred days. Our life in Jesus, therefore, is (in a sense) a perpetual Sabbath, Passover, Sukkot, and Hanukkah.


Some religions are based on a private vision, dream, or message a person claims to have received from God. However, our religion - our entire life - is based on a moment in history.


We must remain peculiar and distinct, while at the same time, loving and making an impact on the unbelieving world.


When you see some created thing as an "ultimate" thing, chances are it has become an idol to you.


We tend to think the way to achieve a better life is simply work harder, but what if that's not the answer.