Current Series

Come and See: Let Jesus Show You Who He Really Is

The purpose of this first series is to introduce our new annual theme, “Moment of
Truth: Now is the Time for Faith” and begin exploring the gospel of John, in which we will spend the year. John invites readers to come and see who Jesus is, believe in him, and have life in his name. As Jesus’ followers, our job is to invite our friends and family to “come and see” who Jesus is and what he is doing. In this series, we hope to clarify what it means for Jesus to be the word, the lamb, and the son of God; as well as inspire the congregation to make bold life decisions based on Jesus’ identity.


When you see some created thing as an "ultimate" thing, chances are it has become an idol to you.


We tend to think the way to achieve a better life is simply work harder, but what if that's not the answer.