The Spirit as Rivers of Living Water

Series: The Spirit: His Presence Changes Everything

The Spirit as Rivers of Living Water

July 07, 2019 | Wes McAdams

Passage: John 7:37-39

Jesus says that is thirsty and comes to him will possess rivers of living water. John explains that Jesus is speaking of the Holy Spirit, who would be given when Jesus was glorified. In this lesson we will use our spiritual imaginations to consider a world into which the Spirit has been poured out and has become like rivers of living water. How does it change our life and our mission to receive rivers of living water?

Series Information

The gospel of John says a lot about the work and the presence of the Holy Spirit. In this Gospel account in particular we see how the Spirit brings rebirth, life, and truth to the world. Jesus is still working in the world through the Spirit and the presence of the Spirit is continuing to change everything.

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