Our Family's Bread

Series: New Creation Family: Reorienting Our Family Life Around Jesus

Our Family's Bread

May 12, 2019 | Wes McAdams

Passage: John 6:35-40

What is the typical family’s “bread”? In other words, what is it that sustains them from day to day? What would it look like if Jesus was a family’s bread? How might their priorities and activities change? What would parenting and marriage look like in a family whose bread is Jesus? How would a family, whose bread is Jesus, reflect the new creation in their lives?

Series Information

We have been exploring the gospel of John and have talked about how when people put their faith in Jesus, reorienting everything around him, they become part of Jesus' new creation. In this series, we will consider specifically the “I Am” statements of Jesus and what new creation might look like in our family life if we reorient our entire family life around him.

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