Encountering Jesus at the Temple

Encountering Jesus at the Temple

February 10, 2019 | Wes McAdams

Passage: John 2:13-17

Most of us know the story of Jesus flipping over tables and driving people out of the temple, but what is this story all about? What does John want to show us about Jesus and about the temple through this story? We will explore what Jesus did in the temple and what Jesus said when he was questioned about his actions. We will especially wrestle with what it means for Jesus to call his body the “temple.”

Series Information

In this series, we will examine four stories of various people encountering Jesus.  We put ourselves in their shoes and work through the kinds of questions they were asking and the conclusions they were drawing about Jesus. We will especially try to understand what John was telling his readers about Jesus through these stories. John was very intentional about which stories he included and how he organized them as he led his audience towards a deeper and deeper faith in Jesus.

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