Our World Outreach Ministry is concerned with carrying out the challenge given by Jesus to go and make additional followers of ALL people. We have no geographical limitations; this work is both domestic and global in its involvement. Our vision is to “preach Jesus” in areas where the church is not well established. We will support an evangelist and cover the costs of the local congregation in its early years. We’ll provide training and materials as needed to help local members evangelize their community. Our goal is to see these congregations firmly established in the Word, and self-sufficient financially.

We will not be content to simply “send money.” When we support a work, we will be truly involved. We will send our people to participate; to train, support, and encourage. We’ll get to know the members and as much as possible, intertwine their lives with ours. We will know them by name. We will hold the young congregation and its members in our hearts and prayers by keeping the McDermott family informed through regular updates.