The Children’s Ministry at McDermott Road seeks to partner with parents in laying a spiritual foundation for their families.  We strive to help our children become...

  • One who seeks God.  (Matthew 6:33)
  • One who knows God.  (Exodus 33:13)
  • One who loves God and others.  (Luke 10:27)
  • One who shines.  (Matthew 5:16)

We do this by...

  • helping our children grow in knowledge. We believe that a strong knowledge of God’s Word is foundational for the spiritual development of children. Therefore, we emphasize Bible-centered, developmentally-appropriate classes for all ages of children.
  • helping our children grow in relationships. We provide opportunities for our children to develop relationships with God and each other. Emphasis is placed on service as an opportunity for children to learn the value of showing God’s love to others.
  • strengthening our families. Through various activities, some planned and some spur-of-the-moment, we work to engage and equip our families as they strive to create the spiritual home base that God commands of us.

The Children’s Ministry offers Bible Classes for children ages birth through 5th grade. Each Bible class is filled with developmentally appropriate material and activities that will excite and engage our children as they learn more about God.


INFANTS / Toddlers 

Infants and Toddlers

Infant Bible Class - Birth to 1 Year
Toddler Class - 1-2 Years (children are promoted the quarter after their 1st birthday); There may be two classes Toddler 1 & 2 (divided by age) when the class size is large.
2-Year-Old Class - for children who are 2 on or before September 1.


  • God Made the World
  • God Made You
  • God Loves You
  • The Bible is God’s Word
  • The Bible True and Real (Not Fictional/Different than Other Stories)
  • Prayer is Talking to God
  • Caring, Sharing and Kindness Honor God


PRE-School - 5th Grade 

Preschool and Elementary

We have separate 2-year old, 3-year old, and 4-year old Bible classes for our preschool age children. Our kindergarten through 5th grade students also have their own age-specific Bible classes that teach through the different learning styles of the elementary age to help our students develop a closer understanding of the Bible as a whole, God’s love, and the wonderful life of Jesus.




We take the safety of your children seriously. The Children's Education Building is equipped with the latest safety measures and is overseen by professionally trained individuals.All teachers are required to submit to a thorough background check.

Upon arriving for Bible Class, please move to our Children's Education Building where you will be greeted by trained volunteers who will help you check in and direct your child to his or her appropriate class.  

Our automated check-in system produces printed name tags that provide both allergy information and contact information to teachers in case your child needs you during Bible class.  The name tags also help ensure children are released only to their guardians.


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