The church of Christ on McDermott Road is the result of the prayers, planning, and diligent efforts of a group of committed Christians with an evangelistic vision.  In 1995 it had been a dream of the Waterview Church of Christ in Richardson, Texas to plant a congregation of the Lord's church in the northern suburbs. It was their desire to perpetuate the spread of the gospel of Jesus and the growth of His church through the establishment of a vibrant, Biblically-grounded, ministry-oriented body of believers. The dream has now become a reality. A great debt of gratitude is owed to the Waterview church for its vision, faith, and commitment.


With almost one-third of our members under the age of 18, and sixty-seven percent 45 or under, we are a youthful congregation. Even though many do not fall under the youthful category, the energy and passion of the young people at McDermott Road continues to spread to the older generations.

Our diverse church family is a reflection of the make-up of our community. Although at times we do speak in general terms about the people represented here, as if each home were made up of a young married couple with 1.8 children to feed, we know that our congregation and neighborhood cannot be adequately described with stereotypes.

Of the 469 homes represented within our church family, 368 homes contain married couples, of which 202 have at least one child 18 or younger, and 101 homes contain single adults, of which 13 are parents with at least one child 18 or younger. Due to the infectious nature of the youthful energy present here at McDermott Road, we can feel like a young church, even though less than half of the homes represented in our congregation have children in the home. The story these numbers tell is of a church family that each year is becoming larger, more diverse, more complex and more difficult to effectively represent statistically without masking the distinctiveness of individuals and homes.

Despite the growing diversity at McDermott Road, the shepherds, deacons, ministry leaders and ministry staff are all committed to never losing sight that each individual member, our neighbors, and every human being is "made in the image of God." This challenge is taken seriously, and is accompanied by an intentional effort to lead this church family in such a way that everyone will be presented perfectly in Christ, regardless of demographics or statistics.